Crissy Field Dog Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advocating for responsible dog ownership and establishing and upholding permanent off-leash dog walking rights within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA).

CFDG is working directly with the GGNRA, our Congressional delegation, and other stakeholders to advocate off-leash dog walking and other recreation issues within the GGNRA. It is our ultimate goal to restore permanent off-leash dog walking and preserve recreation within the GGNRA. As an organized non-profit group, we have a substantial membership base and voice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

May 25, 2016

CFDG submitted our second and final letter to the GGNRA.  We hope the NPS takes our letters seriously.


Based  upon the very flawed NPS Proposed Rule for Dog Management, we recommend that NPS “reconcile” these serious flaws and release a “Revised Rule” with a minimum of a 90 day public comment period which reflects a peer reviewed science based Rule so we can continue to co-exist with the other users of the GGNRA.

May 23, 2016

Last chance to get your comments letters in…the deadline is this Wednesday, May 25th…8:59pm our time!

Below is the link to comment on-line the GGNRA’s Proposed Rule for Dog Management. Be sure to include the RIN-1024-AE16 number on your letter and envelope.  The end of the public comment period is May 25th!

Here is CFDG’s sample talking points that you can use for your letter.


Or mail your comments to:

Chris Lenhertz, GGNRA Superintendent

Proposed Rule for Dog Management

Building 201 Ft. Mason

San Francisco, CA 94123

Be sure to include the RIN-1024-AE16 number on your letter and envelope. 

May 20, 2016

CFDG just submitted our letter (from our attorneys K and L Gates), with input from Martha Walters and Gary Fergus, to the GGNRA regarding the Proposed Rule for Dog Management in the GGNRA.  We will be submitting another letter next week too.

CFDG’s Comments on Draft Dog Management Rule 5-20-2016-1

Be sure to submit YOUR letter by May 25th!!

May 17, 2016

The Marin Humane Society submitted their comment letter yesterday and here is the link to the letter:  It is a fabulous letter!


May 15, 2016

Why your voice and letters MATTER!

In mid March, the GGNRA announced a fast-tracked project to reconfigure the East Beach parking lot and resurface the promenade with composite shale and repair storm drainage at Crissy Field as part of the National Park Service’s Centennial event. We attended a “field event” at Crissy Field, and after reading and reviewing the proposal, we discovered that it would result in some unwanted changes (see below). While they denied our request to extend the two-week comment period, we submitted substantive arguments why the parking lot changes should be allowed ample time for broader public comment. Our board agreed with proposed plans to repair storm drainage on the path and resurface the promenade with composite shale.

GGNRA Proposed Parking Lot Changes:

Reconfigure the parking lot so that it would move the promenade back 30 feet from the retaining wall;

- Pave the entire parking lot and move the parking slots to the east, making access in and out of vehicles more dangerous and dangerous for people walking on foot with picnic supplies, dogs, etc.;

- Eliminate the large area west of the bathrooms where the Commercial Dog Walkers park their vehicles and keep their dogs safe;

- Remove the staging area used by the board sailors, leaving them no safe place to put together their equipment.

CFDG Board member Gary Fergus and CFDG Chair Martha Walters met with GGNRA staff to discuss these concerns.  CFDG also partnered with the SF Boardsailors to articulate our serious concerns about the proposal and the speed in which the GGNRA wanted to move this project without proper public comment and input.

Attached is the letter and map (Gary created!) that CFDG submitted and the SF Board sailors’ letter.  Over 100 people submitted written comments articulating their concerns to the GGNRA about this issue.  Also attached is the GGNRA’s reply memorandum that only allows for the resurfacing of the promenade and work they need to do on storm drainage issues at Crissy Field and no reconfiguration of the East Beach parking lot at this time.

As a result of our meeting and protest, the GGNRA agreed to go through a more detailed land use process to assess and develop an acceptable plan in the parking lot. This process will allow the public to participate in deciding what will happen in the East Beach parking lot, so stay tuned.


Annotated GGNRA Proposed Changes

SFBA Crissy Field East Beach Centennial Repair Project comment letter final-1

Crissy Field Centennial Update_5_5_16

existing and proposed_EB

Maps courtesy of Ashley Wessinger

April 30, 2016

Here is CFDG’s video for the GGNRA’s Proposed Rule…feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 

Below is the link to comment on the GGNRA’s Proposed Rule for Dog Management. Be sure to include the RIN-1024-AE16 number on your letter and envelope.  The end of the public comment period is May 25th!

Here is CFDG’s sample talking points that you can use for your letter.

April 23, 2016

We wanted to let you know that the Mighty Mutt March today was a huge success…we estimated that around 1000-1500 folks marched, listened to speakers like SF Supervisor Scott Wiener and SF SPCA Co-President Jennifer Scarlett, enjoyed the yummy food from the two food trucks, danced to the fun live music and all of the doggies enjoyed it too!  It was a peaceful and fun event.

Below are some media links that we have received so far and with more to come…

Also, CFDG wants to thank all of the other dog groups who all worked collaboratively on this March, especially the event organizers, Andrea Buffa and Dave Emanuel from Save Our Recreation!

Everyone pitched in and the doggie bandana’s were a BIG hit.

April 8, 2016:

Marin IJ Forum broadcast/video about the GGNRA’s Proposed Rule

Below is the link to the Marin IJ Forum broadcast/video with Martha Walters, CFDG Chair and Barbara Saltzman, President, Marin Audubon Society.


Save Our Recreation files a lawsuit against the GGNRA about FOIA issues:  go to News Top Stories for more details.

CFDG Public Comment Writing Workshops:

CFDG will be hosting two public comment workshops about how to best write your comments regarding the GGNRA’s Proposed rule with Ash Miller, our attorney, and Gary Fergus CFDG Board member.

Here is the link for CFDG’s Flyer for these two workshops CFDG_flyer. Please pass these around far and wide!

The first workshop will be held on:

Monday April 11th at Calvary Presbyterian Church (corner of Jackson and Fillmore Streets) from 6:30 to 8:30pm

and the second workshop will be held on:

Tuesday April 12th from 6:30 to 8:30pm at the San Francisco SPCA, 201 Alabama Street.

Wake up!  The GGNRA wants to close many areas like Crissy Field, Baker Beach, Marin Headlands, Muir Beach, Sweeney Ridge and Rancho Corral de Terra to dog walking…Below is CFDG’s video on the proposed rule making and how you can write and submit comments.  Get involved…Take action!

Go to our News/Top Stories page for a recap of the Proposed Rule at Crissy Field and other areas within the GGNRA that will be affected if the Rule gets finalized…thanks to Save off Leash for some of the content!

Please sign this petition to encourage Leader Pelosi to help us retain off leash in the

February 24, 2016

The GGNRA released the Proposed Rule for Dog Management today and it’s looking pretty grim for off leash spaces in the proposed rule.  Here is the link to the rule…  You can read and comment on the Proposed Rule there.

And here is the link to the maps  Proposed Rule for Dog Management in the GGNRA.

As far as Crissy Field goes, only the central beach and part of the grassy airfield will be open for off leash.  So, that means east and west beaches will be closed, the promenade, parking lots and another part of the grassy airfield.

And the GGNRA has agreed to extend the public comment period to 90 days, instead of 60 days.

We will post more information as we know it.

CFDG will host a “How to write an effective public comment” session in San Francisco, probably in late March. Ash Miller, CFDG’s attorney will lead this important session.

Please come join our effort! See how by clicking onto “Volunteer/Membership“, and Join us on Facebook 

KPIX, CBS’ Channel 5 produced an excellent segment about how the GGNRA’s Dog Mgt Plan could have a very negative impact on SF City’s parks and other open space areas within GGNRA lands for dogs and their owners.  SF Supervisor Scott Wiener is interviewed in this piece.  Here is the link:   (aired on November 3, 2015)

SF Supervisor Scott Wiener wrote an excellent op/ed piece (November 2, 2015) in the SF Chronicle about the Dog Management Plan…

The Crissy Field Dog Group has created many videos about preserving off leash dog walking and recreation access at Crissy Field and other areas within GGNRA lands in Marin, SF, and San Mateo counties. You can go to You Tube and search “Crissy Field Dog Group” to view our catalogue of videos.

Check out CFDG’s video about the Proposed rule:

If there is an emergency or a marine mammal is on the beach or in distress, please call the National Park Service’s dispatch number, 415 561-5510

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