December 2008:

HR 6305

On June 19, 2008, Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced a bill to Congress, HR 6305, which proposes to change the name of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to the Golden Gate National Parks. Crissy Field Dog Group and other Bay Area recreational groups are concerned that this “name change” will adversely affect the recreational uses of the parklands in the future. As a result, CFDG played a vital role in creating the GGNRA Recreational Users Coalition to challenge HR6305 and has been actively engaged in working with legislators with the goal of preserving the original intent of Congress to make the recreational use of the affected lands a priority.

Concerned persons should write to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 450 Golden Gate Avenue, 14th Floor, San Francisco CA 94102 to voice their objections to the proposed park name change.

GGNRA's General Management Plan

The GGNRA is in the middle of their planning process of updating their 1980 General Management Plan (GMP). To date, the GGNRA planning team has presented preliminary alternatives that describe three different future visions for managing the natural and cultural resources and recreational opportunities for visitor experiences within the park. By developing these preliminary alternatives, the planning team explored different ways that the park could be managed. Once fully developed, one of these alternatives could be selected as the National Park Service's preferred alternative or a new alternative could emerge that combines elements from some or all of the preliminary alternatives. As of this writing, the GGNRA will release their draft GMP in early 2010.

CFDG has a long-term vested interest and view of the GGNRA's planning process and how it addresses and affects all park visitors and their enjoyment and use of this unique urban recreation area. CFDG submitted extensive comments to the GGNRA regarding the GGNRA GMP newsletter on July 28, 2008.

GGNRA's Dog Management Plan

CFDG has been actively following the progress of the GGNRA's Dog Management Plan and has learned that the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for this plan will be released in the spring of 2010. It is our understanding that there will be five alternatives suggested for dog management in the GGNRA in the draft. Comments on the draft will be important and members will be advised on the process as it moves forward.

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